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About the Fusion X3 Album Database Library


The Fusion-X1 was originally installed on 22.5.7 five days after HSU launched the Home-X site with expansions planned at later dates.

Originally launched with just the entire tribute album exposed, the first update expanded the base further by allowing a breakdown of albums by channel classification with complete channel backgrounds and detailed explanation of all channel series.

Then the next update came under a classification of Phase 1 and 2 which was to expand the library to allow linking in the database to better suite our needs per album. Having issues with limitations of the databases, we went under the hood and created a better linking system per album incorporating what we created into the database itself which finally allowed us to complete our end goal.

Now with this final upgraded update, we finally have achieved the goal of creating a more powerful interface linking system for the album library files. This new system now incorporates four link buttons under every album giving each album its own more powerful linking options.


With the completion of this final upgrade to the database, this brings the Album Library in-line with our internal album page linking. Since this finalizes the construction of the Flagship Library configuration, we have adopted a new name for the library to match the display of its power while rebranding the Fusion Database under the name of Fusion X3, or FX3 for short, which will now operate and display the Flagship Album Database Library or ADL.


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The Home icon will take you to the Album Homepage (AHP)- New AHPs will be uploaded often, so, check back for new pages-

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The File icon will take you to the Artists TAD Homepage- This option is only available for Dedicated Artist Albums-

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The Play Icon will play the album using your browsers media player where it will also give you the option to download the album-

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The WWW icon will take you to the Artist Official Homepage- This option is only available for Dedicated Artist Albums-

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