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In the world of paranormal and outer limits, there lies a phenomenon reality that surrounds our own which continues to be documented at an unpresented level by millions of people around the world. Is possible that this world has always existed on a level that remained silent until now because our world and their world are becoming one reality due a shift in the time-space that we now live in, and it is possible that because of technology, we are becoming more aware of the fact that we are simply not alone? 


Perhaps that may explain why ghosts, shadow people, evil entities (which will be classified as paranormal), and UFO, and extra-terrestrial topics (which will be classified as Outer Limits) are now at a level that have never been more prevalent than now. The government have now opened up classified files about UFO's (AKA UAP's) and are realizing that UAP's are a real threat to us and the military at large. Whatever is going on, its existence is increasing at an alarming rate beyond comprehension, and we better start finding answers before we end up in bigger trouble than we first realized. 

As a paranormal investigator with over 15 years of experience, I am going to dive into these subjects with the help of the HSU Staff and will be providing some explanations for people who are having issues with these subjects by providing a forum medium where visitors and members can ask questions and find at least, some answers, on how to deal with these phenomenon issues that are affecting their everyday lives.  HSU CEO.

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Previously located on the Home X homepage, we have moved the Paranormal and Outer Limits News-Feed to this section to keep the sections separate without bogging down the Home X News-Feed which was originally created to deal with Movies, Music and Gaming News.

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