Channel Acronyms

In 2012 when the HSU staff expanded the channel listings and added the MLX Channel, the staff created a three letter filing system for all Tribute Albums. This filing system of acronyms was then adapted to be used across all pages of the site as the staff became accustomed to the changes. On below list is the channel acronyms and is listed as Main Channels (MC) followed by each Series (SS) under that Main Channel. Some of the Series listed have been discontinued but are still listed as part of the Series History and are marked by (ds). 

General Site Acronyms

The following list contains the rest of the acronym's library used on site in various places including the site main navigational menu bar and are listed by Alphabetical Order. If new acronyms are created, this is where they will be listed after being created. Some acronyms are no longer used and detailed as such but are still listed as part of the acronym library history.


FAQ Library Section

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