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The Goo Goo Dolls are an American rock (alternative rock, pop-rock) band formed (1985) in Buffalo, New York, by guitarist/vocalist John Rzeznik, bassist/vocalist Robby Takac, and drummer George Tutuska.

Tutuska played drums with the Goo Goo Dolls from 1985 to 1994, and parted ways from the band after non-payment disputes with long-time friend John Rzeznik.

Michael Theodore Malinin replaced Tutuska as the third member of the Band and drummer from December 1994 until December 27, 2013 (but not made an official member until 1998).

The Goo Goo Dolls are renowned for their biggest hit single, "Iris", released in 1998 for the Warner Bros. film, The City of Angels, which stayed on top of Billboard Hot 100 Airplay charts for a record-breaking 18 weeks and spent 4 weeks at No. 1 on Billboard's Pop Songs chart. The song was nominated for three Grammy


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GGD Trivia Facts

  • The trio picked their name from a True Detective ad for a toy called a Goo Goo Doll

  • The band has had 19 top ten singles on various charts.

  • In early 1995 the Goo Goo Dolls were dubbed 'America’s best unknown band' in their record company biography.

  • The Goo Goo Dolls were originally singed to Metal Blade records and hold the distinction of being the first band on that label's history to achieve double platinum status.



  1. Infusion Fanfare, MBC Fanfare

  2. Souls in the Machine - Boxes - (HSU Intro)

  3. Fearless - Miracle Pill

  4. Let Love In - Let love In

  5. Long Way Home - Boxes

  6. Better Days - Let Love In

  7. Name - A Boy Named Goo

  8. Iris - Dizzy up the Girl

  9. Slide - Dizzy up the Girl

  10. Black Balloon - Dizzy up the Girl

  11. Over and Over - Boxes

  12. The Pin - Boxes

  13. Reverse - Boxes

  14. Stay with You - Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles

  15. Indestructible - Miracle Pill

  16. Miracle Pill - Miracle Pill

  17. Caught in the Storm - Magnetic

  18. Feel the Silence - Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles

  19. Notbroken - Something for the Rest of Us (Deluxe Version)

  20. Walk Away - You Should be Happy

  21. Here is Gone - Gutterflower

  22. Tattered Edge -You Should be Happy

  23. Lucky One - Boxes

  24. Free of Me - Boxes - (HSU Outro)

  25. Boxes - Alex Aldi Mix - You Should be Happy

  26. Over and Over - RedOne and TJ. Jakke Remix - Over and Over

  27. Don't Change - Live - Don't Change (Live)

  • As the CEO of HSU, I took the lead on this Tribute Project to give back to the HSU audience in a positive way, what the Goo Goo Dolls have given to me and the positive difference they have made in my life. Their music was there for me during my trials and tribulations of life and relationships as the lyric of their songs gave me hope and a meaningful knowledge to understand that music is clearly the universal language that speaks from the soul.

  • As a real-life Batman for medically challenged and terminally-ill children in Hospitals. 'Better Days' became my inspiration to give me the perseverance to show the children that not all hope is lost, and that they can fight and win the battles they face from illnesses that never gave them a chance to have a normal life, not to mention the powerful effect the song provided for Hurricane Katrina victims and all those who lost so much.

  • 'Souls in the Machine', 'So Alive', 'Long Way Home' & 'Fearless' was there for me when my family was struck by the Covid-19 virus and helped me overcome the hard medical challenges which turned our lives upside down, only to win in the end and beat the virus.  "Sometimes music doesn't stick with you until something bad happens, then the lyrics becomes relative to what you are going through and gives you the motivation you need to cross the bridge to get over to the positive side of the rough waters".

  • So, for all the lives that the Goo Goo Dolls have and continue to touch in a positive uplifting way, they have been picked as the debut band to premiere the MBC Series under the MRC Channel.  I hope you enjoy the tribute to the band in pure HSU style while learning some bio background and education about the band and the trial and tribulations of life that they have been through. 



John Joseph Theodore Rzeznik

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, John Rzeznik is the founding-member, frontman and guitarist for the band. Like so many who turned to music at a young age as both a way to cope with discord and a form of expression, he’s lived a life of extraordinary artistry and contribution, and along with that, a certain amount of darkness and struggle that for many years found him turning to alcohol as a way to get through each day. Until it all fell apart, and he had to make a decision. One he keeps making every day. Now, sober, a devoted father and husband, he's telling a new story with his life and music, and taking the giant, global community of Goo Goo Doll fans along for the journey

Robert Carl Takac Jr.

Born in Buffalo, New York and raised in the Buffalo suburb of West Seneca, Robert Takac is the founding member, bassist, and vocalist for the band. They started a band after finding drummer, George Tutuska, which they named the 'Sex Maggots' but changed the name in 1986 to the Goo Goo Dolls. "I just try to remember that not every idea is the best in its raw form, but most ideas are worth pursuing. If it doesn’t pan out, there’s nothing wrong with just putting it into your memories file and maybe revisiting it later…and if not, at the very least, you have learned how to write something in a way you can avoid ever doing again".

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