Music Artist Directory

You have reached the Music Artists Directory (MAD) for the MRC Channel Series: Music Band Collective (MBC) and Retro Rock Radio (RRR). When those two MRC Channel Series were created under Infusion Flagship, they were also created with this separate directory to announce new releases and coming albums for just those two series.


HSU Debut Bands that have opened are listed in the order in which they have debuted. Debut Bands coming soon are listed by alphabetical order. Pink Floyd is the exception to that rule as the HSU Tribute to Pink Floyd was released in 2016 but the Debut Band feature did not become available until 2020 with the Infusion Flagship. Since the TGGD were chosen by HSU to premiere this feature for the Infusion Flagship, they are listed first, and Pink Floyd follows as second. HSU-TA titles listed for coming Bands are the given assigned titles for that album project but could be subject to changes when the final TA is released. 





HSU Retro Rock Radio is a new Series that was created under the Infusion Flagship for the MRC Channel. The recently released "Cassette Rock Rewind" was the prelude album for this series. The 1st Tribute Album will be to Bob Segar and The Sliver Bullet Band, aka Bob Segar Radio, that will be debuting soon. All other Radio Artist will follow suite and be listed in the order in which they are released.  The order listed now, with the exception of Bob Segar Radio, is not necessarily the order to follow. These Artist will not be featured under the MBC as this will serve as their debut pages. The album names given are subject to change upon album release.