As part of the HSU mission to create an educational and interactive site where members (aka visitors) have the ability to participate and present new ideas for new projects, we are providing the TA Request Line for your thoughts and ideas to help create future music tribute albums. Use the request form below by choosing a channel and what you think the album should contain based on the Film, Broadcast, Music, and Video Game Industry. You may also use this line to request music songs without requesting an album project. Pick the channel and tell us about the music you would like to hear to pay tribute to the Artist (the music requested must pertain to a channel listed)


If your idea is used and the album project is created, your online username will be posted in the credits section of that album homepage giving you credit for that project idea, if you would like to be credited for that project If you do not have an username, you may create one provided the name follows the rules of the request terms listed below. If you wish to still participate without your username being posted, simply check the bottom box 'do not use my username'.


Username can not contain the following:
  • No vulgar or offensive language of any kind, masked or unmasked

  • No sexual content or wording pertaining to sex or pornography or any reference there of

  • No discriminating words of any type towards race, religion, sex, creed, ethnic background, or identity orientation 

  • No political reference wording of any kind whatsoever

  • Do not use this RQL as a contact form, you can use our official contact form here.

  • You must agree to the terms before submitting request, or request will not submit


Email, and username are only required if you would like to be listed on the TAHP as credit for submitting the idea. Choosing a channel and description are required for the form to submit, along with agreeing to terms. Any request received violating the terms listed will be discarded and deleted immediately without any further response.​ If you submit the form and decide to change your mind with your username not be listed on the TA-HP, simply email to with Remove @myusername in subject line and your username will not be used. You can read about HSU privacy policy and terms of use